Interactive X3D
brain Click on the left image for an interactive 3D demo of a brain model in X3D. This short demo is intended for student's getting used to the X3D environment and 3D navigational modes and techniques.
skull This is an X3D version of the skull assembly task developed by the New York University School of Medicine in VRML. We have ported the application in X3D to show the 3D puzzle and labeling concept.
nervous system Click the image to visualize in 3D a human nervous system model. Since the model is detailed and accurate, the size of the X3D is 2MB. If loading is slow, please be patient.
skull This is a more complete version of the "Nervous System" model. It includes the blood system, the skeleton, and the brain. File size is large (10MB). If loading is slow, please be patient.
skull This is a brain assembly model analogous to the skull assembly model with the rollover descriptions and capability to slide the brain components in and out of the assembly.
network Neural network is an interactive demonstration of the main parts of the human nervous system. It shows the propagation of nervous impulses through the system. Users can design and test their own neural network configurations. (Development in progress)
network This is an advanced version of the Neural Network model. The extended functionality includes creation, editing, and saving of personal nervous system networks with capacity to easily select, relocate, or remove any node.
Other Resources
brain Click the picture on the left for a short movie clip showing you the NNS at work.
Research Papers
  • F.G. Hamza-Lup and T. Thompson (2009) "Interactive 3D user Interfaces for Neuroanatomy Exploration," International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST), March 23-26, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • F.G. Hamza-Lup, P.T. Goeser, W. Johnson, T. Thompson, E. Railean, D.M. Popovici, and G. Hamza-Lup (2009) "Interactive 3D Web-Based Environments for Online Learning: Case Studies, Technologies and Challenges," International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning, February 1-6, Cancun, Mexico. [PDF]
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