Neuro Pathways
Human neuro-anatomy is extremely complex, and functional neuro-anatomical pathways can not be dissected and easily visualized in an anatomy lab. Teaching students to see neuro-anatomical relationships over the extent of the neuraxis is challenging. The ability to internalize a 3D map of the neuraxis with the appropriate clinically relevant neuro-pathways superimposed is critical for medical students, as it facilitates long-term retention of the information as opposed to short-term memorization. Interactive simulations can play a significant role in facilitating learning through engagement, immediate feedback and by providing real-world contexts.
The collaboration between Mercer Medical School and the NEWS Laboratory at Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU) will support the development of interactive 3D simulations systems to facilitate medical students understanding of neural pathways and engage undergraduate students at AASU in multimodal environments research.
Project Goals
The main goals of this collaboration are
  • development of novel interactive 3D simulation systems that will enable radical improvements in learning using state of the art computer (hardware/software) technology; and
  • research in computer science by promoting undergraduate and interdisciplinary research.
Installation Instructions
To visualize the 3D models available in the resources section, you need two free software components: *Please install the browser first. Recommended screen resolution: 1280x1024 or higher.
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